Size (mm) Glass Revolving Board
Ref: GQR0450 Qt: 4
Size (mm) Frame Chalk Board
Ref: DKT10404042 Qt: 1

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Chalk boards

Product Details

  • Sturdy oval natural wood frame
  • Available in a choice of Cherry or Black finishes
  • Easyclean surface
  • Supplied with wall fixings

Size (mm) Colour Reference
350x250 Black Frame PM2815162
350x250 Cherry Frame PM2815652
400x300 Black Frame PM0115162
400x300 Cherry Frame PM0115652
600x300 Black Frame PM0415162
600x300 Cherry Frame PM0415652
900x600 Black Frame PM0715162
900x600 Cherry Frame PM0715652
1000x450 Black Frame PM3115162
1000x450 Cherry Frame PM3115652