Size (mm) Prime Glass Mobile Easel
Ref: GEA4850116 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Glass Revolving Board
Ref: GQR0450 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Evolution Sound Proof Dividers
Ref: SPD450103841 Qt: 1
Versions Snap Display Stand
Ref: SUP0302 Qt: 1
A4 MasterVision Sliding Doors Indoor Cork
Ref: VT690201771 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Frame Chalk Board
Ref: DKT30404042 Qt: 1

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Prime Glass Mobile Easel

Versatile and functional elegance, certified to GS/TUV standards

  • Glass surface with magnetic properties
  • Tempereted glass for saler use with 4mm thickness
  • Smooth writing
  • Robust metal chromed structure with metal plate tray
  • Includes 2 magnetic extension bars that allow you to present up to 3 sheets of paper
  • Adjustable pad clamp, for use with any flipchart pad
  • Mobile base with 5 locking castors
  • flexible usage: you can use a variety of markers

Size (mm) Surface Colour Reference
Euro White GEA4850116