Size (mm) Frame Chalk Board
Ref: DKT50404052 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Ired + 78" . 88" . 96" Multitouch
Ref: BII291720 Qt: 1
A4 Mastervision Indoor Lockable Board
Ref: VT950109750 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Prime Glass Mobile Easel
Ref: GEA4850116 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Evolution Revolver
Ref: QR5404BU Qt: 1
Versions Snap Display Stand
Ref: SUP0402 Qt: 1

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Evolution Sound Proof Dividers

These acoustical barriers were specially designed to improve the working conditions in professional offices

​Product Details

  • Ideal solutions for wall, room and desk dividers
  • Sound Absorbing Polyethylene Foam
  • Triple Level Noise Absorption:
  • Initial Dissipation: Sound energy is lost as soon as it hits the foam membrane
  • Perforation: Engineered perforations allows for viscous energy loss
  • Cavity Absorption: Air cavities effectively trap sound vibrations inside the cell walls
  • Sustainable: low-density PE (LDPE) material that can be recycled in LDPE recycling systems

Size (mm) Type Reference
600x450 Wall Divider SPD020102841
900x350 Desk Divider SPD370103841
900x600 Wall Divider SPD030102841
1000x1500x32 Room Divider SPD360010841
1200x450 Desk Divider SPD450103841
1200x900 Wall Divider SPD050102841
1500x1200 Wall Divider SPD120102841
1800x1200 Wall Divider SPD270102841
2400x1200 Wall Divider SPD210102841