A4 MasterVision Sliding Doors Indoor Cork
Ref: VT690201770 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Mastervision tripod easel
Ref: EA23066724 Qt: 1

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Floor Signs

Free standing shaped signs with dry erase surfaces

Product Details

  • Available in Octogonal, Rectangular and Arrow shapes
  • Finished in Black or Grey
  • Height adjustable
  • Angle sign has angle adjustment, useful for directing up/down stairs
  • Horizontal Rectangular sign includes a range of 14 standard signs in English and is not dryerase

Sign Size (mm) Colour Reference
Magnetc Dry Erase Arrow 1600x635 Black SIGO1010101
Magnetc Dry Erase Arrow 1600x635 Grey SIGO1010202
Magnetc Dry Erase Octogonal 1600x400 Black SIGO8070101
Magnetc Dry Erase Octogonal 1600x400 Grey SIGO8070202
Rectangular Vertical 1600x390 Black SIGO7060101
Rectangular Vertical 1600x390 Grey SIGO7060202
Rectangular Horizontal 1600x270 Grey SIGO5050202
Rectangular Horizontal 1600x270 Black SIGO5050505