Size (mm) Frame Chalk Board
Ref: DKT50404052 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Ired + 78" . 88" . 96" Multitouch
Ref: BII291720 Qt: 1
A4 Mastervision Indoor Lockable Board
Ref: VT950109750 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Prime Glass Mobile Easel
Ref: GEA4850116 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Evolution Revolver
Ref: QR5404BU Qt: 1
Versions Snap Display Stand
Ref: SUP0402 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Evolution Easel
Ref: EA23069041 Qt: 1

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MasterVision Sliding Doors Indoor Cork

Sliding Doors Aluminium Display Case

Product Details

  • Premium modern design solution for displaying information
  • Sliding Door system ideal for corridors and narrow spaces
  • Self-healing thick resilient natural cork surface
  • 4mm thick thoughened glass for increased safety
  • Usable internal depth: 30mm; Total depth:67mm
  • Lockable and supplied with 2 keys

A4 Letter Ext Size (mm) Int Size (mm) Reference
8x 8x 1010x695 890x625 Grey Corner VT690201770
8x 8x 1010x695 890x625 White Corner VT690201771
12x 12x 1010x1000 890x931 Grey Corner VT660201770
12x 12x 1010x1000 890x931 White Corner VT660201771
15x 15x 1230x1000 1110x931 Grey Corner VT640201770
15x 15x 1230x1000 1110x931 White Corner VT640201771
18x 18x 1408x1000 1288x931 Grey Corner VT930201770
18x 18x 1408x1000 1288x931 White Corner VT930201771
21x 21x 1670x1000 1550x931 Grey Corner VT910201770
21x 21x 1670x1000 1550x931 White Corner VT910201771
27x 27x 2110x1000 1990x931 Grey Corner VT920201770
27x 27x 2110x1000 1990x931 White Corner VT920201771