Size (mm) Evolution Sound Proof Dividers
Ref: SPD050102841 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Evolution Sound Proof Dividers
Ref: SPD120102841 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Evolution Sound Proof Dividers
Ref: SPD270102841 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Evolution Sound Proof Dividers
Ref: SPD210102841 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Frame Poster Frame
Ref: DKT40303032 Qt: 1
Size (mm) Mastervision tripod easel
Ref: EA23066724 Qt: 1

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  • a company focused on the
  • development of collaborative
  • solutions

Who we are


Bi-Office understands that collaboration, creativity and flexibility are the key to every business success. Our visual communication products help people communicate anywhere.

We connect rebellious minds to schools, empowered teams to work, sketch dreams of visionary entrepreneurs to reality!
Offices are more than just a place to work.

It needs to be a comfortable place to create, innovate and collaborate without boundaries. The world of work is changing, people are choosing to work in a very personal way, choosing when, how, and where they work.

Whether your workplace is at home or at the office, you need strategic visual communication assets to create a vibrant work environment, bring transparency into communication, improve cooperation and encourage engagement.
Workplaces must adapt to the different needs and get people connected to people.

Bi-Office is a company focused on offering collaborative solutions for workspaces that mean quality, versatility and functionality and meet the needs and challenges of the modern office worker.

 Our product range also includes visual communication products for personal spaces that combine a strong decorative character with the writing and posting features of a whiteboard, noticeboard or other similar communication resource.

We also offer the best technology solutions for meeting and training spaces covering digital media and long distance meetings.