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Tamanho (mm) Quadro Cavalete para Giz
Ref: DKT50404052 Qt: 1
Tamanho (mm) Ired + 78" . 88" . 96" Multitouch
Ref: BII291720 Qt: 1
A4 Mastervision Indoor Lockable Board
Ref: VT950109750 Qt: 1
Tamanho (mm) Cavalete Móvel de Vidro Magnético
Ref: GEA4850116 Qt: 1
Tamanho (mm) Quadro rotativo Evolution
Ref: QR5404BU Qt: 1
Versões Moldura Snap com Suporte de Pé
Ref: SUP0402 Qt: 1
Tamanho (mm) Cavalete Evolution
Ref: EA23069041 Qt: 1

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